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A Length of Chain  

A Summerwalk at SummerWorks - 2009

Summerworks is a curated summer festival in Toronto founded in 1991. In 2005 they inaugerated a program of local walking tours called Summerwalks.   

A Length of Chain was an interactive tour that re-surveyed the land along the busy Queen Street West (once called Lot Street).  The tour began with a detailed account of the controversial purchasing of the land that is now Toronto from the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. Participants then resurveyed the old Lot St. with a small imperial system measuring wheel. The tour detailed the lives of the first European owners of these substantial 'lots' of land. 

Who were these first Europeans? Mostly British Army Officers. They were very well treated by John Graves Simcoe because of their unwavering loyalty to the British Crown.

Visitors gained a new understanding of the busy urban Toronto landscape and how the rhythm of this original survey is still present in the city of today. 

Writer and researcher. Delivered with the help of my daughter.

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