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The Encampment

The Luminato Festival at Fort York 

Thomas + Guinevere - 2012 

The Encampment was a community art project that was part of the Luminato Festival in the Summer of 2012.

Participants researched and then presented an art installation inspire by a participant in the War of 1812.  My inspiration was Aeneas Shaw.

Shaw was an officer in Simcoe's Queen's Rangers.  He surrendered to the Americans at Yorkton in 1781 at the end of the American Revolution.  He was a true Loyalist and the property he was given for this loyalty is now in downtown Toronto.  Shaw Street marks the western edge of his lot of land.   

My tent offered a simple seat of welcome to visitors, in a space newly carved in a wilderness. An OATH of loyalty to King George III was required before taking this seat however.... 

To see "The Encampment", a documentary made by Thomas + Guinevere in partnership with the

Regent Park Film Festival click this -

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